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We're all about the music


But there's a lot more to us than that!


The Long Island Gay Men's Chorus is also about entertaining our audiences with high-quality choral performances, and affirming the contributions of Long Island's LGBT community.


Our programming includes challenging, contemporary music, and performances of an ambitious, traditional repertoire alongside music from various world cultures. The programming focuses on a wide variety of choral music from all time periods, and presenting styles that educate, challenge, and enlighten both our audiences and our singing membership.


The Chorus affirms, by example and through song, the worth and dignity of a cross-section of the diverse population that is reflective of Long Island and our nation as a whole, incorporating music that positively represents the gay community and openly supports issues related to human equality and justice.


The Chorus looks forward to including in our repertoire commissions of new works that celebrate local artists and create a unique and defining sound that is exclusively LIGMC.

Join us at the first three rehearsals of the season to see how well you fit for us, and how well we fit for you!  Our main goal is to allow our Artistic Director to assess how well you sing in an ensemble situation. Everyone in the Chorus has different levels of singing and music-reading ability, so there's no need to feel that you aren't "good enough."


During this "trial" period, the Artistic Director will let you know how you did and whether you will be offered membership in the Chorus.

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